I hereby provide consent for my child to participate in all activities run by Play Club, an educational enrichment program provided by The Play Program of Brooklyn LLC at 154 Engert Avenue, Brooklyn, New York. I acknowledge that Play Club and its programming are not licensed by the Department of Health or any other licensing or governing agency in the City of New York. 

I understand, as with any child-related activity, there is a risk of injury involved in my child’s attendance, and that activities associated with my child's attendance may include, but are not limited to: group walks, playground and park play (which may include climbing, running, and other physical activities), ascending or descending of stairs or steps, pick up from school, provision of meals & snacks, and playing or interacting with blocks, toys, and other children. I do hereby release Mary Bronstein and Jennie Brown, and their agents, employees or servants from any personal or professional liability related to any and all injuries, accidents, disfigurement, death or loss/destruction of property, which may arise from my child’s participation in any Play Club activity. I agree not to seek compensation or take punitive action if injury, illness, disfigurement, death or loss/destruction of property should occur.

In the event of accident, illness or injury involving my child while participating in Play Club, I hereby authorize Mary Bronstein and/or Jennie Brown to perform CPR/first aid and/or to call 911 at their discretion. I authorize Mary Bronstein and/or Jennie Brown to accompany my child to the hospital if needed and give consent for any medical procedures, tests or treatments recommended by medical professionals in my absence or in the event I cannot be reached. I accept all responsibility for payment required by any doctor, hospital, medical agency or insurance program as a result of such accident or injury and will not seek compensation for said payments.